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Riva’s Design team will support your idea through the product development process.  
Riva’s Design team will support your idea through the product development process.

We always start with a brief or technical specification to clarify the details and ensure that from the early stages all parties are clear on the exact requirements. We believe communication is an integral part of the design process. We will use our design and manufacturing experience to work up a detailed brief to begin the development process. Our team will be with you at every stage.

Regardless of design ability Riva will support you to develop your idea into a product fit for function and Market.
An essential part of the process is the validation and testing of the product. The aim is to develop a product that works for your needs. Over the years we have established a vast library of industry approved fabrics which we would then be happy to recommend throughout the process.
From Concept to production
Once we have received approval of the sample/prototype we will get to work on manufacturing your chosen product, working to an agreed timescale that suits you.


Customers approach us at various stages of the design process. You can contact us with a concept, drawing or a prototype which Riva UK will then develop into a finished solution. Riva’s Design team draws on the business’ decades of experience and extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing techniques to develop the product ensuring it is cost effective and meets the customer’s requirements/ specification. Whatever the requirement Riva will be happy to support you through the process and deliver a working solution.
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