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Riva is uniquely positioned to manufacture your textile requirements, from SME to global enterprise, by offering multiple manufacturing routes to get quality products to you as fast, efficiently and cost effectively as possible whilst maintaining the full control of the process. With Global manufacturing site options this enables Riva to offer attractive price structures without compromising on quality.

Riva offers the options of UK, European and Far East manufacturing. This allows us to support you from low to high volume production runs.

The following are the initial points to be considered when deciding which option is best suited to you:
Lead time
On average, UK can be 3-8 weeks versus Far East can be 6-16 weeks
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):
Far East MOQ’s will be higher than the UK, how much is product dependant.

There are several fixed costs that mean Far East prices are lower than our UK manufacture options.

Each option comes with the same guarantee of product quality as our materials are sourced from the same global supply chain, the method of manufacture is mirrored on each site and all controlled to the same stringent quality checks.

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